How To Use Binance Auto Subscribe For Unlimited Profit

How To Use Binance Auto Subscribe On Flexible Savings

Binance auto subscribe just made earning passive income get better with cryptocurrency.

With the use of functions like auto subscribe with flexible savings, you feel more relaxed while earning more profits.

This is due to the reason that your flexible plan will be automatically re-subscribed when it expires.

This gives you room to make more passive income.

It also gives you the flexibility of knowing that even if you get to a place with weak internet, your flexible savings plan is still active.

In one of our guides, we taught on how to use binance flexible savings.

In this guide, you will learn how to use binance auto subscribe.

What Is Binance Auto-Subscribe  

Binance flexible savings auto-subscribe is an automated method of reinvesting your profit earnings into an active flexible savings plan.

Being an automated process, you can leave it for months without losing a penny of your profit.

This is possible because the auto subscribe command will always trigger daily and automatically reinvestment of your earnings for that day.

How Binance Auto-Subscribe Works

Auto-subscribe works in a very simple way to help you make optimum profit from investing your crypto.

It is only valid when you have an active flexible savings plan.

The auto-subscribe function automatically adds daily profits to the flexible savings capital.

This makes the capital to increase and also makes the daily profits earned to also increase due to the increase in the flexible savings capital.

This automated addition of daily profits to binance flexible savings will always be active till the day that you choose to redeem your crypto.

What Crypto Does Binance Flexible Savings Auto-Subscribe Accept

The binance flexible savings auto-subscribe works on the cryptocurrencies that are available for binance flexible savings.

You can only activate it for a crypto that is actively earning in the flexible savings.

How To Use Binance Auto Subscribe On Flexible Savings

For you to be able to use auto-subscribe on binance flexible savings, you have to follow the steps below.

Step 1: You Must Have An Active Binance Flexible Savings Plan

binance auto subscribe

Auto-subscribe does not just work on any market on binance.

It works on the flexible savings plan on binance.

Before you can initiate the use of auto-subscribe on binance, you must have a flexible savings plan that is active.

This is when you can apply the auto-subscribe command to the active flexible savings.

Step 2: Open Your Earn Wallet On Binance

Now that you have confirmed that you have an active flexible savings plan, the next thing is to enter the earn wallet.

To locate the earn wallet on binance, first click on wallet on the dashboard.

auto subscribe on binance

The earn wallet is where the cryptocurrency that are active in the flexible savings will appear.

When you have had access to your binance wallet, click on earn.

binance auto subscribe

If you have a flexible savings plan that is active, it will show here.

It will be designated with Flexible Savings.

Step 3: Choose a Crypto to Auto-Subscribe

Now that you have successfully entered your earn wallet on binance, you will see all available flexible savings subscriptions.

If you have more than one subscription, it will show all of them that are actively earning you profits.

Choose the flexible savings crypto that you want to enable auto-subscribe for.

In this, we will choose dogecoin.

auto subscribe on binance flexible savings

After you are done selecting the crypto you want to use binance auto sunscribe on, click the auto subscribe button to confirm.

confirm binance auto subscribe

After this is done, your daily stake rewards will be resubscribed automatically to help you earn more.

Is There a Fee For Using Auto Subscribe On Binance

This feature is completely free for use.

Some users think that there is a fee that you pay for using a great feature like this.

Put away such thought as there is no fee attached to using this great function on binance.

Binance is always on a move to help its users make more profit.

This is what leads to the development of free tools to easily achieve more profits for its users.

The auto subscribe is one of such free tools developed by binance to help its users make more steady passive income.

So feel free to use it when you are using the flexible savings.

It will help you accumulate more passive income.

Where Can Binance Auto Subscribe Be Used

Auto subscribe function is only available in the flexible savings of binance.

This has really made users who use other methods of earning passive income on binance to miss out of this great function.

Users of crypto staking are eagerly waiting for the use of auto subscribe on cryptocurrency staking.

This is because it will help long duration validators to still maintain an active spot for a very long period of time.

Since the auto subscribe is not available on the staking section of binance, you have to re-stake manually.

Some people miss out on staking rewards when they do not check early to know when their staking period will expire.

The auto-subscribe function will go a long way in helping validators when implemented.

Until then, you can only use it on binance flexible savings

Advantages of Using Binance Auto Subscribe

Using the auto-subscribe function has a lot of tremendous benefits which include;

1) Continuous Flow of Profit

Most of the times, people forget to check if their subscribed plan is still active.

It has happened to me a lot of times.

When this happens, you miss out of the opportunity of making more passive income.

This is because when you active subscription is over and you do not subscribe, you stop earning.

This does not happen when you make use of auto-subscribe on the binance flexible savings plan.

This is because the automated auto-subscribe function will automatically trigger when your active flexible savings expires.

This function will automatically reactivate your flexible savings without you losing out from profits.

2) Auto-Subscribe Generates More Passive Income

Using the flexible savings is a good and less risky way of generating passive income from your cryptocurrency.

With the use of the auto subscribe function, the profits you make will be higher.

This is because the profits you make will be reinvested into the capital of your flexible savings.

When this happens, the profit in which you make is higher as compared to using flexible savings alone.

3) No Stress Of Reactivating Your Flexible Savings

One of the most stressful process a crypto user encounters is continuously coming back on a daily basis to reactivate the flexible savings.

With the use of auto-subscribe function, you are free from this stress.

This is due to the fact that the flexible savings auto subscribe will automatically reinvest your profits or capital to make you keep earning passive income.

Limitations Of Binance Flexible Savings Auto-Subscribe

Irrespective of the many benefits that come with using the auto-subscribe function, it still has some limitations.

These limitations are;

1) Auto-Subscribe Is Limited To Binance Flexible Savings

The auto-subscribe function would have been really great if it was available on other means of earning passive income like crypto staking.

Sadly, this function on binance is available in the flexible savings only  for now.

Maybe changes can be made in the future to include locked staking so that people will not miss out of high APY.

2) Not Available For All Cryptocurrencies.

I can remember when I first learnt about auto subscribe function on binance, it made me feel so happy.

That was because I thought I could use it to earn more passive income from all my cryptocurrencies.

This was not possible after I tried.

This is because it is limited to a certain number of cryptocurrencies.

The crypto it works on are those that are supported in the flexible savings only.

So if your crypto is not supported on flexible savings, you can use other methods to earn passive income.

Other methods you can use are crypto staking or lending.

Conclusion On Binance Auto Subscribe

It is the desire of every crypto user to earn more passive income.

A lot of crypto exchanges have worked tirelessly to make this an easy task for its users.

Binance has made this possible with the auto subscribe function used in the flexible savings earnings.

This guide has touched the in and out of how to use this great feature for optimum passive income profits.

Apply the lessons learnt here and increase your daily passive income.

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