how to use binance pro on app and desktop

How To Use Binance Pro On Binance App And Desktop Review

Binance pro brings to light the cravings of professional crypto users.

This is made possible with the use of loaded and well balanced functions on the trading interface.

Also you get to enjoy great features like the binance auto invest, locked staking and many more great features.

This makes the professional version of binance a great preference to a lot of users.

What Is Binance Pro

This is the professional version of binance app or website.

Binance exist in different versions.

There is a version that is made for beginners which allow crypto beginners to easily make use of binance.

That is the binance lite version of binance.

Also, there is a more complete version of binance with more tools and functions.

This is well suited for professional crypto traders and investors.

Requirements Before Using Binance Professional Version

Before you can make use of the professional version of binance, there are some requirements you need to fulfill.

Some of these requirements include;

1) Have A Verified Binance Account

Having a verified account on binance is really important for you to make use of the binance professional version effectively.

This will give you the opportunity to buy and sell.

Also, you will be able to use the p2p, locked staking, auto invest and many more great functions.

2) Have Your Correct Log In Details

Apart from having a verified account on binance, you have to be able to access it before you can do anything with it.

This is made possible when you have the correct details that is linked to your binance account.

This includes the email and password that is linked to your account.

With this, you can gain access to your account anytime and anywhere.

How To Activate Binance Pro

In case you are using the lite version of binance, you can easily switch to the professional version of binance.

The steps you are to use in this transition are shown below.

Step 1: Sign In To Binance Account

Here, you will log in to your binance account with the use of your log in credentials.

Such includes the email address and password linked to your binance account.

Step 2: Enter The User Account Section

When you log in to your binance account, proceed to the user account section.

pro version of binance

This will give you the ability to use the binance professional version on your account.

Step 3: Deactivate Binance Lite

To make the pro version active, you have to deactivate the lite version of binance.

This can be done by clicking on the binance lite button.

binance pro

This will deactivate the binance lite version of the account.

Due to this deactivation, the pro version of binance will be automatically activated for use.

Benefits Of Using Binance Pro

The professional version of binance has a lot of advantages when you make use of it.

Some of these advantages includes;

1) More Professional Trading Interface

If you are a consistent trader, you will appreciate the pro version of binance very well.

This is because of the great tools that it has in stock.

With the use of binance pro, you have a lot of tools that you use for trading.

This gives you a great advantage when you are performing your technical analysis.

Without the use of tools with diverse instruments for accessing the condition of the market, trading is more risky and prone to bigger losses.

This is because limited tools for technical analysis will not allow you to really see what is going on in the crypto market.

It also limits you from seeing the possible line of action to occur next.

But with a great tool like the binance pro chart, you have a lot of trading options and better chart to use as compared to binance lite.

2) Ability To Use Locked Staking

With the use of the pro version of binance, you can make more passive income.

This is because you have a lot of ways to invest your crypto funds apart from trading.

Some of the methods include locked staking.

With the locked staking function, you can stake crypto on the proof of stake consensus mechanism and earn stake rewards.

This gives you the ability to increase the quantity of your crypto assets at a very low risk level.

3) Ability To Use Auto Invest

The auto invest is a function introduced in binance to make earning passive income more consistent.

This process is automated and functions without you clicking all the time.

What you have to do is just to activate it.

Once activated, it will continually be generating passive income consistently.

Binance Professional Fees

Making use of the pro version of binance does not attract any fee.

It is completely free to make use of.

Uses Of Pro Version Of Binance

1) To Buy Cryptocurrency

Buying cryptocurrency is very easy when you make use of the professional version of binance.

This is because you have a lot of means to buy crypto.

You can buy crypto from the spot market.

You can also buy from the p2p market.

Also the buying of crypto on binance with your credit or debit card is also supported when you use the pro version.

This makes it easy for you to keep accumulating more crypto assets anytime you want to.

2) To Sell Cryptocurrency

Selling crypto with is also very easy.

There are so many ways that you can make use of.

You can use the spot trading to sell your crypto to another crypto.

You can make use of the p2p section too to sell your crypto to fiat.

3) To Stake Cryptocurrency

You can also stake cryptocurrency easily.

There are a lot of crypto that you can stake.

Crypto like cardano have a very good apy when you stake on binance as compared to other exchanges.

This helps you to make more passive income consistently from staking cardano on binance.

4) To Receive Cryptocurrency

You can also receive cryptocurrencies to your crypto addresses on binance.

5) To Send Cryptocurrency

Apart from being able to receive crypto, you can also send out crypto as well.

This makes it easy to send crypto to other places like coinbase, trust wallet, and other exchanges and wallets.

Where Can I Use Pro Version Of Binance

You can make use of it in the binance pro app.

Also you can make use of it on the binance website too.

This gives you the flexibility to make passive income across the web and app versions of binance.

How To Check If You Are Using Binance Pro

To check if you are making use of the binance professional, you have to access the user account section.

If you are making use of the binance pro, the binance lite option will be unselected.

But if it is highlighted, that means it is in the lite version and you can switch to binance pro version by deactivating the lite version.

Limitations Of Pro Version Of Binance

Irrespective of the benefits enjoyed from the binance professional, there are some limitations that it has.

Some of these limitations include;

1) Not User Friendly To Beginners

The binance lite was created to make beginners have a fluid use of binance.

This is because of the complex nature of the binance pro.

It has a lot of powerful options that easily makes beginners confused most times.

This is one of the major limitations that it has.

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