Cheap Cryptocurrencies Under $1

Top 10 Best Cheap Cryptocurrencies Under $1 To Buy Right Now

A lot of people are still marveled by the huge profit from bitcoin over the years.

Truth is you can also replicate this with cheap cryptocurrencies under one dollar. 

When crypto first came out, bitcoin was the first to see the light of the day.

It was very cheap back then but yet still people never really saw what the future holds for bitcoin.

History even holds that Laszlo Hanyecz in 2010 bought a pair pizza of approximately $41 with 10,000 BTC.

Can you imagine that compared to the price of bitcoin now.

If the vendor still holds the 10,000 BTC till today, that translates to $640 million with BTC at $64,000.

That is the beauty of buying crypto under a penny that will soon explode.

That is an insane profit of turning $41 to $640 million in just a span 10 years.

Such joy is only felt by people who find good and cheap cryptocurrency under $1 to buy early.

Other crypto have also experienced a jump close to this level of profit too.

In 11/5/2020, Solana was $0.5052 but grew to $214.96 on 9/9/2021.

cryptocurrency under $1

In a span of just 1 year and 4 months, $1 in SOL turned to $428.

Having the knowledge of the right cheap cryptocurrency to buy can also place you in this spot of profit.

In this guide, you will learn of the best cryptocurrencies under one dollar to buy for future profits.

Top 10 Best Cheap Cryptocurrencies Under $1 To Buy Right Now

A lot of cryptocurrencies have made a lot of people to easily smile to the bank.

The beautiful thing about such profit is that even a total beginner is not left out.

This is because with just buying and holding the crypto, you can also enjoy a huge profit when it grows.

This has made people to think that crypto is where the easy money is found.

What people fail to understand is that this only happens when you buy the right crypto under a dollar at the right time.

Only then can you enjoy the profits.

Some of these promising cryptocurrency are as follows;

1) Stella (XLM)

Stella is one of the best cheap cryptocurrency that you can buy right now.

This is because stella is a great blockchain protocol at the moment.

While using the stella blockchain, you make use of their token called lumens.

This lumens is used to conduct transactions on the stella blockchain.        

As the days keep going, stella blockchain is receiving a higher level of adoption.

This high level of adoption also increases the demand and use of stella crypto.

This is a very positive impact as this continuous adoption of stella blockchain will sporadically grow the stella crypto in return.

As at the monent, stella has been accepted by some vendors for transaction remittance.

One of the reasons for vendors selecting stella is as the result of its low transaction fee.

The transaction fee of stella is about $0.000005.

This means that it will take about 200,000 transactions for you to incure a fee up to $1 when using stella.

This has attracted a large scale of stella adoption which keeps increasing.

At $0.371, Stella is a valuable cheap crypto under $1 to buy.

Stella currently holds a market valuation of $8.954 billion.

Stella is placed at No. 22 most valuable cryptocurrency.

You can get the latest price and marketcap size of stella here

Banks also find a great sense of value for using stella.

Stella ability to work with banks in processing cross border transactions gives it a great future.

You can easily buy stella on binance or buy stella on coinbase.

2) Vechain (VET)

Vechain is a cryptocurrency that uses the Proof Of Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism.

It has gathered quite a number of influencial support since its launch.

Vechain gives flawless usability to the logistics and supply chain.

This is done with the help of the vechain blockchain to pass information while keeping track of activities too.

This level of secured information processing is gradually winning the heart of big brands to use vechain.

Vechain has also experienced a great level of growth as a result of this.

The valuation of vechain is about $7.499 billion.

This places vechain as the 26th most valuable cryptocurrency with a price tag $0.1166.

You can get the latest price and marketcap of Vechain here.

Irrespective of this massive valuation, vechain still has a long height of growth to keep attaining.

That is why now is the best time for you to buy vechain before it explodes in value.

3) Coin (CRO)

New cryptocurrency exchanges are gradually taking the crypto sphere by storm.

This is as a result of the innovative ways that they have introduced into the crypto ecosystem.

You cannot mention the top crypto exchanges without finding an honourable spot on the list.

This level of advancement has been extended to its native coin too.

Just like binance that has BNB as its exchange native coin, is not left out in this level of advancement.

The native crypto coin of is CRO.

When BNB was launched, it was also very cheap but in a matter of some years, it has soared from a crypto under $5 to a valuation above $400.

This comes as a result of the great usability that the coin has.

As time goes on, this is a record that CRO will soon replicate and eventually pass very soon.

This is because the adoption of exchange is increasing massively.

This has also led to the continuous demand and hence the growth of CRO crypto coin.   

This makes CRO one of the best cryptocurrency under $1 to buy right now.

CRO continues to record continuous increase in valuation.

This has soared its valuation to a record of more than $5 billion.

CRO holds the spot currently as the 37th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

You can easily buy it at,

4) Dogecoin (DOGE)

Have you ever heard of a project that was casually created but eventually turned into a global success.

A joke coin has in turn developed questions like can dogecoin reach $10 due to its massive price gain.

Dogecoin is a very good example of this.

Dogecoin started as a joke but has grown above a lot of prominent cryptocurrencies.

Just like ethereum, dogecoin is one of the oldest altcoins in the history of cryptocurrency.

It was created by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer.

From being a cryptocurrency under a penny, dogecoin has soared to glorious heights.

This has earned dogecoin a huge level of recognition across the world.

This includes the likes of great influencers like Elon Musk declaring his interest to work with the developers of dogecoin to make it greater.

With the low cost of transaction that DOGE has, a lot more companies are adopting dogecoin for their company’s financial remittance.

This keeps dogecoin as one of the best cryptocurrencies under $1 to buy right now.

2021 will always be filled with fond memories to crypto users who bought doge early.

This is due to the massive increase in value that doge attained in the first half of 2021.

Irrespective of this great increase, dogecoin has a lot of value on the table to still offer.

This has raised the valuation of dogecoin to about $33.295 billion.

The value keeps increasing as dogecoin keeps gaining more adoption.

Doge holds the spot as the 9th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.           

You can easily buy Doge on binance or buy Doge on coinbase.


Tron is a cryptocurrency that is decentralized and also an open source blockchain.

Tron was launched in 2017 by one of the biggest influencers in cryptocurrency.

Tron is another cryptocurrency that has really moved up the ladder and still shows signs of continuous massive increase.

Tron’s ability to perform functions like smart contract is a great boost to it’s massive adoption.

This makes it easy to deploy applications on the tron blockchain.

Irrespective of these great features by tron, it is still very cheap.

This is because tron is a crypto under one dollar in valuation.

This price gives you a great opportunity to store tron in a large quantity as it has a great future.

Buy Tron on Binance or Buy Tron on Coinbase

6) Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera is another great crypto to buy.

This is due to the robust positive impact that it has created in the crypto ecosystem.

The total supply 50 Hedera (HBAR) is billion.

Just like the likes of great crypto coins like ADA, Hedera has also built a great list of functionality.

One of these includes the ability of Hedera to support smart contract on its blockchain.

With this, devepers can easily deploy apps on the hedera blockchain.          

7) Shiba Inu (SHIB)

A large number of crypto users will not forget their crypto boom in 2021 too easily.

This is due to the amount of money that shiba inu has put into the pocket of many crypto users.

One of the happy crypto users who bought shiba inu early turned $17 to $6,000,000.

This happened in less than a year of holding shiba inu.

Shiba inu still has a great future ahead.

This is because It is gaining more adoption every day.

Shiba Inu is also among the top 50 most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.

Buy SHIB on Binance or Buy SHIB on Coinbase

8) Bittorrent (BTT)

This is another cryptocurrency with a lot of future potentials.

It has shown a lot of potentials in the past years.

BTT has really put in a lot of profit in the pocket of crypto users who bought it while it was cheap.

Irrespective of the price it has soared to, it is still a cheap cryptocurrency to buy.

This is because it is still a crypto under one dollar.

This gives you the opportunity to accumulate more.

Bittorrent  has really increased in a positive direction.

The good news for you is that it does not show any sign of slowing down.

If you do not habe BTT, buy it now that it is cheap.

If you already have BTT, you can buy more for an increased future profit.

Buy BTT on Binance or Buy BTT on Coinbase

9) Ecash (XEC)

XEC is another cryptocurrency that you can add to your portfolio.

This is due to the future potentials that it has.

Its former name was BCHA before being changed to Ecash.

As a great cryptocurrency, Ecash is greatly in adoption.

This is due to the great services it renders well.

Such services includes a near instant transfer of funds.

With the use of Ecash for transactions, the funds is received in a matter of very few seconds.

This speed has increased its adoption from people who accept business transactions with crypto.

Now is the best time to accumulate ,ore of it before the next price boom.

10) NEM (XEM)

NEM is one of the cryptocurrencies with a great consistency.

This is seen in its long standing existence as compared to other cryptocurrencies.

NEM was created in 2015 as a fork from NXT.

NEM makes use of the proof of importance (POI) consensus mechanism.

With NEM, data and asset can be managed in a very effective way.

NEM provides this type of management accessible at a low cost.     

Benefits Of Buying Cryptocurrencies Under $1 Right Now              

1) Higher Long Term Profit Is Guaranteed

Whenever a cryptocurrency appreciates in value, traders and investors rejoice.

The level of joy is quite different across everyone.

This is because some people will make a profit of $10 while some other person is making a profit of $1 million.

Lots of factors contribute to this when this happens.

One of the dominant factors is always the price at which people bought the crypto before the increase.

Just like bitcoin, lots of people that bought it at $50,000 still make profit when it soared to $60,000.

But there are some people that bought bitcoin at $100 and still hold till now.

The profit of these two individuals certainly will be very different.

That’s the benefit of getting in early when the crypto is cheap.

That is just one of the benefits of buying crypto early when they are cheap.

2) You Make More Passive Income From Staking

There are so many ways people make profit when a crypto increases.

Some who invest by only holding profit just from the price increase.

Traders who trade enjoy profits just from the trade profits.

But then, there are some people who enjoy more from buying crypto under $1.

These are the people that make use of the staking function while they HODL their cryptocurrency.

At some point in October 2017, the price of Cardano was $0.017.

Being a proof of stake crypto, you make more by staking cardano.

For someone that bought with $170, that gives 10,000 pieces of ADA.

With staking ADA, some staking pools offer APY up to 16%.

 That means that you get to make 1,600 ADA as passive income from just staking yearly.

With the price of ADA at $2.5, that makes you a passive income of $4,000 yearly.

This is just from the staking rewards earned from the staked 10,000 ADA.

Also your capital of $170 when you bought the 10,000 ADA increases to $25,000.

That is such a sweet profit from a $170 investment in a matter of few years.

That is the benefit of buying cryptocurrency under $1.

You can also make more profit from cardano staking.

This comes with the use of cardano flexible savings.

Flexible savings is easily accessible in exchanges like binance.

3) You Profit More From Lending

Some cryptocurrencies lack the sweet spot of being unable to earn staking rewards.

This is because they do not use the proof of stake consensus mechanism.

Some users who HODL crypto that cannot be staked lose out from some staking rewards profit.

This occurs when investors do not know of how to profit from crypto that cannot be staked.

This cuts across cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and other crypto under $1.

But that should not be a problem to you.

That is because you can still earn passive income from crypto lending.

With the use of exchanges like Nexo( you can earn by lending your crypto.

You can earn as much as 12% from your idle cryptocurrency.

This can be done by lending your crypto using Nexo crypto exchange.

4) You Can Buy Large Volume At a Cheap Price

Nothing is as sweet as holding a cryptocurrency in a large volume.

This increases your chances of making huge profit when the price of the coin spikes.

This is easily achieved when you buy a cheap cryptocurrency.

With the price of the crypto being cheap, it gives you the opportunity to buy a large volume at a small amount.

When a massive increase in the price of the crypto occurs, you make more profit.

This is due to the volume of the cryptocurrency that you bought when it was cheap.

An example of this is when pizza worth $41 was paid for with 10,000 BTC.

Someone who bought 1 BTC at that price back then has made about $60,401 in profit now that BTC is about $60,442.

If the vendor that was paid the 10,000 BTC still holds the BTC till now, its a great profit.

That gives the vendor a profit of about $604 million.

That is the benefit of buying crypto in large volume.

A great opportunity for this is when the crypto is cheap in value.

Most especially when the crypto is under one dollar.

How To Choose a Good Crypto Under $1 To Buy Right Now

Making profit from cheap crypto takes some knowledge and research.

This is very important especially when you want to HODL for long.

So many cheap coins do not last up to 1 year after being released.

Irrespective of this, other crypto like bitcoin are different.

At the launch of bitcoin, it was a crypto under a penny.

But today, bitcoin is above $60,000.

This massive increase is caused by lots of factors like the usability of the crypto.

That is why you should know how to choose a good crypto under $1 before you buy.

Some of the factors you should consider are;

1) The Team Behind The Crypto

Making a research about the team behind a cheap cryptocurrency before you buy is very important.

This is because the team behind a crypto is very important for the success of the crypto.

Many crypto developers are just in for the money.

They do not care about the prospects of the coin.

All they want is just a quick cash out from their crypto.

This type of team is responsible for pump and dump crypto coins.

As time goes on, the crypto continues to lose relevance in the eyes of investors and eventually dies off.

Such a coin should be avoided at all cost.

But when the team behind a crypto is genuine, they always try to make the crypto better.

In times of trial, they fight to the end.

This is because they have a strong believe in their crypto and will always defend it at all cost.

A typical example of this is Ripple (XRP).

2) The Solution The Crypto Aims To Create

Nothing determines the success of a crypto like the solution it offers to the existing problems.

This is the reason why cryptocurrency has really experienced a massive gain in price.

Before the use of cryptocurrency, cross border transactions was very difficult and expensive to carry out.

Even till date, it still a tedious process when you make use of commercial banks for cross border transactions.

This is due to the high cost of transfer incurred.

Apart from high cost of transfer, the time to receive is also a problem.

This is because it usually takes days and weeks in some cases before the receiver receives the funds.

But with the use of cryptocurrency, the case is totally different.

This is because you can receive your funds in seconds no matter your location in the world.

Apart from the speed, you pay very little to nothing in transaction fees.

With crypto, you can send $1 billion without paying a transaction fee up to $1.

This singular solution to the financial sector has really accelerated the adoption of cryptocurrency.

This is why stella is one of the best cryptocurrency under $1 that you can buy right now.

This is due to how stella has handled the issue of cross border transfers.

Banks are gradually adopting the use of stella for fast and less fee cross border transactions.

This makes low price crypto like stella a great coin to hold for the future.

3) The Technology Used

It is no surprise the way ethereum has soared in price since it was launched.

This is as a result of the diverse use application that ethereum offers.

This diverse usability is also influenced by the type of technology that ethereum offers.

Some of these technology includes;

  • Smart contracts

This is one of the best innovations that cryptocurrency has brought.

With the use of smart contract, it is easy for you to build and deploy an application.

This eases a lot of stress.

Cryptocurrencies that have this feature are in great demand and have a very bright future ahead of them.

Such cryptocurrencies include the likes of Ethereum(ETH), Cardano(ADA) and Tron(TRX).

  • Cryptocurrency Staking

A lot of cryptocurrencies have helped ease the way its users make passive income.

This has to do with the use of cryptocurrency staking.

It allows crypto users to earn passive income when they stake their crypto.

This is because they earn staking rewards in the process.

This adds up to the quantity of their crypto assets thereby increasing it.

This has made it easy for crypto beginners to easily earn passive income in a very less risky way.

Some of the crypto under $1 that offer staking include Tron(TRX), Shiba Inu(SHIB)

4) The White Paper Of The Cryptocurrency

The white paper of a cryptocurrency is one of the best place you can get the details of a coin.

It reveals a lot of information regarding the cryptocurrency.

The white paper of a cryptocurrency is found on the website of the crypto.

All great cryptocurrencies have periodic innovations to add more value to the cryptocurrency usability.

This is always clearly seen in the white paper of the crypto.

It will help you in knowing if a particular cryptocurrency has future relevance due to the periodic features it plans to keep adding.

This periodic innovations is always shown in the road map of the cryptocurrency.

The road map shows the periodic activities that will be taking place to add more function to the ecosystem of the crypto.

5) The Quantity Of The Crypto

When it comes to price gain, crypto with small quantity add gain faster.

That is why you have to also pay attention to the total quantity of the crypto.

How To Buy And Store Cheap Crypto Under 1 dollar

Having the knowledge of the best cheap crypto to buy is not enough.

This is because just the knowledge will not translate to profit.

It is when you take action with the knowledge that you can profit from it.

This action part has to do with buying the crypto when it is cheap and holding it.

There are various ways of buying cheap crypto and holding them.

Some of the best ways of buying and holding crypto under $1 are;

1) Buying From Binance

When it comes to buying cryptocurrency, buy from a reliable exchange.

One of the most reliable crypto exchanges out there is binance.

With binance, you get to find a lot of cheap cryptocurrency that you can easily buy.

Not just in making it easy for users to buy crypto easily, binance is also very safe to use.

With using binance to purchase crypto, the safety of your crypto is optimally great.

This is because binance has a great security system to prevent activities of hackers.

They also store a great portion of the exchange crypto in a cold wallet making the funds very safe.

You can sign up for a binance account here.

You can also learn how to open a binance account for free.

2) Buying From Coinbase

Coinbase is another big name in the crypto space.

This is because they are very reliable.

They also have a long list of great and cheap cryptocurrencies under $1 to buy.

Coinbase has its name traced to the early days of cryptocurrency.

They have been around for more than a decade now.

This long period of existence without failure in crypto services makes coinbase a great exchange to buy crypto that are low in price.

You can safely buy your crypto on coinbase easily.

You can also safely store and hold it on your coinbnase wallet till when you want to sell or transfer out.

3) Buying From Trust Wallet

To be very sure of the safety of your crypto, trust wallet is one of the best wallets to use.

This is because it is less prone to an attack from hackers.

You get to keep your private and public keys of your wallet.

With this, it is near impossible for hackers to have access to the funds in your trust wallet.

This makes trust wallet a great option to use in purchasing cheap crypto under 1 dollar.

You also have the opportunity to stake the ones that support staking.

This generates passive income for you while holding the cheap crypto.

Conclusion on Crypto Under $1

In the course of this guide, cryptocurrencies with great future potentials have been well shown.

This is to help you share in the joy of its massive price explosion in the nearest future.

But you have to take action first.

This action is in buying the above mentioned cryptocurrencies under $1.

That is the only way you can share in the joy when the price soars.

Use the comment section to ask questions if you have one.


What Crypto Is Less Than a Dollar

There are so many cryptocurrencies that are less than a dollar.

Some of them are Tron(TRX), Stella(XLM), Vechain(VET), CRO, Ecash(XEC), Hedera(HBAR), Shiba Inu(SHIB), Bittorrent(BTT).

While buying a cheap crypto, you have to research on the coin to avoid putting your money into a bad coin.

Which One Is The Cheapest Cryptocurrency?

Spotting the cheapest cryptocurrency is not that easy to conclude.

This is because of the volatile nature of cryptocurrency prices.

One of the best cheapest cryptocurrencies that you can find is shiba inu (SHIB).

It still is one of the best cryptocurrencies to explode more than its value now.

Always check back for more updated profitable with less price crypto.

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