how to delete metamask transaction history

How To Clear Or Delete Metamask Transaction History Report

Have you ever wanted to delete metamask transaction history?

A lot of people are faced with this decision in one way or the other.

This could be that you do not want someone to have a view of your transaction history.

This keeps you away from transaction trail in case someone has access to your metamask wallet.

To some people, they just like to clear out the history after every transaction.

In this guide, you will learn how to clear metamask transaction history.

What Is Metamask Transaction History

Transaction history is one of the ways in which you keep track of the activities in your metamask wallet.

Metamask transaction history is the record that shows all the transactions you have made with your metamask wallet.

This helps you keep track of all the transactions you have made with your wallet.

This shows information like the time and date a transaction was made.

It also shows the address you sent the cryptocurrency funds to.

How To View or Locate Metamask Transaction History

Before you can implement any change to your transaction history that exist in your metamask wallet, you must gain access.

This is why you need to know how to locate your transaction history on metamask.

This will give you the access to view the transactions you made with your metamask wallet.

To be able to do this, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Log in To Your Metamask Wallet

Here, you are going to sign in to your metamask account before you can perform any action.

delete metamask transaction report sign in

This can be done with the use of your metamask password.

If you have forgotten your metamask password, you will not be able to log in.

To have access to your wallet again after forgetting your password, you need to restore metamask wallet.

This will help you set a new metamask password and have access to your wallet again.

But if you still remember your metamask password, just input it and log in to your wallet.

Step 2: Click On Menu

clear metamask transaction report

When you successfully log in to your wallet, click on menu.

This will present you with different task that you can perform with your wallet.

You just need to click on the transaction history button to proceed.

Step 3: Click On Transaction History

In this step, you will click on the transaction history button.

metamask transaction history

This will help you locate metamask transaction history.

From here, you can now do what you want to with the details of your transaction report.

How To Delete Metamask Transaction History

At some point, some situations might make you want to remove the details of your transactions from your wallet.

When such a need arises, you have to know how to go about it.

The following steps below will show you how to successfully clear metamask transaction history.

Step 1: Log In To Metamask Wallet

Before you can do anything with your account, you have to first log in.

metamask log in

This will give you the authorization to effect changes to your wallet.

To do this, simply input your wallet password and click on the log in button.

This will grant you access to your metamask wallet.

Step 2: Click On Menu

To proceed with removing your metamask transaction history, click on the menu button.

metamask app menu

This will show you further options to help proceed.

From here, you will click on the settings button.

Step 3: Click On Settings

To proceed from this point, click on the settings button.

clear metamask transaction history

This will bring out more options.

The option that we will click will be the advanced button.

Step 4: Click On Advanced Button

Here, you will have to click on the advanced button to proceed.

metamask menu

So click on the advanced button to proceed.

Step 5: Click On Reset Account

This is the crucial point where your transaction history will be wiped off.

This will happen when you finish this step.

So in this step, you have to click on the reset account button.

reset metamask account

After you have clicked on the reset account button, you will be cautioned to confirm if you really want to reset your account.

This is because your transaction history on metamask will be deleted when you continue with this.

So if you are sure that you want to clear your transaction history, proceed with the confirmation click.

metamask wallet security

After you have clicked to confirm, your transaction report on metamask will be totally cleared.

To check this, you can click on the transactions history on the metamask menu.

What you will see will be an empty transactions report from your metamask account.

metamask no transaction history

This is because you have cleared it.

Why You Should Delete Transaction History From Metamask

A lot of people choose to remove their transactions report from metamask after every transaction.

Even with this, some people do not participate in it.

This is because everybody have their own individual differences.

But below are the reasons why a lot of people choose to clear their transaction history on metamask.

1) To Remain Anonymous

A lot of people make use of cryptocurrency to still maintain the aim of crypto.

This aim is nothing more than being anonymous in your transactions.

But the thing is that with a stored transaction history, you are not totally anonymous.

This is because if someone gains access to your wallet, they can easily see the transactions that you carried out with your wallet.

To avoid this and keep the anonymous status, lots of crypto users delete metamask transaction history after a transaction.

Some do it immediately after a transaction is successful.

Others do it on a weekly basis or on timeframes which is convenient enough for them.

 So if you want to always clear your metamask wallet transaction report, choose a timeframe that will be convenient for you.

Benefits Of Transaction History On Metamask

1) Audit Transactions

When you have a transaction history, it makes it easy for you to audit your metamask.

This is because you will clearly see all the transactions that you have performed with your wallet.

This gives you a vivid information and helps you audit your wallet well.

2) It Helps You Retrieve Transaction Details

Sometimes you will need to refer back to a transaction that you made.

This could be because of a lot of situations.

It could be because you want to check if the transaction is successful.

It could be that you want to make reference to a previous transaction.

Irrespective of the reasons, the metamask transaction history will always help you gain access to the transaction details of your wallet.

Benefits Of Clearing Transaction History On Metamask

1) Wallet Activities Is Protected

When your transaction history on metamask is not cleared, your crypto activities are still stored.

This can be seen by anybody that has access to your metamask wallet.

This can be wrongly interpreted by an evil minded person leading to possible negative use of your wallet.

But when you delete metamask transaction history, no one can see the transactions in your wallet.






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