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How To Secure Or Protect Trust Wallet From Hackers

How to protect trust wallet from hackers is a must know so as to secure your wallet from criminals.

The inception of hot software wallets for the storage of cryptocurrency has been a great innovation.

This is because it has given crypto users the sole authority over their crypto funds.

This reduces the magnitude of loss that people run into.

Especially when it has to do with exchange exploitation like what has happened to some exchanges.

This is because you hold the most valuable information for any access to possibly occur in your wallet.

Such information includes your recovery phrase as well as your wallet password.

But to be on the safe side, you must know how to secure trust wallet crypto wallet which you will learn in this guide.

Why You Should Protect Trust Wallet

There are several reasons why you must make the safety of your crypto wallet top notch.

This is very important if you really want to enjoy the profit from your cryptocurrency.

Some of the reasons why you should safe keep your wallet are;

1) To Protect Your Cryptocurrency Funds

Anything valuable that is not protected is just being exposed to loss.

This includes cryptocurrency too.

One of the ways that crypto users have increased their crypto protection is by storing them in wallet like trust wallet.

This makes you the bearer of all the valuable information needed to have access to your crypto.

You no longer have sleepless nights incase the exchange you use is hacked.

But this comes at a huge price too.

When you make use of a crypto exchange, some part of keeping your crypto safe is the duty of the exchange.

This is not so when you make use of trust wallet.

When using trust wallet, you bear the whole responsibility of you keeping your wallet safe.

Some are careless about this and lose their crypto as a result of that.

But you should not make that mistake.

So take the safety of your trust wallet as a high priority.

2) To Secure Trust Wallet Recovery Phrase

One of the things you should not joke with when using trust wallet is your recovery phrase.

No matter how you try to make your wallet safe, a mistake in this renders everything useless.

This is because this is the overall access to your wallet.

If You mistakenly let a thief have access to it, the whole security of your wallet is jeopardized.

This is because with a recovery phrase, you can restore trust wallet on any other device.

This renders your password and touch ID useless as it can be changed on the new device.

So make sure that you secure trust wallet recovery phrase very well.

Best Way On How To Secure Trust Wallet

1) Set Up Trust Wallet Password

One of the things you will be prompted to do when you open a trust wallet is to setup a password.

This is very useful in keeping your wallet safe.

It acts as a secure layer when someone tries to login to your wallet.

Also it secures your trust wallet withdrawals too.

This is because before a withdrawal is complete, a trust wallet password will be required to complete.

This helps in preventing unauthorized activities from taking place in your trust wallet.

2) Set Up Trust Wallet Touch ID.

Another way of protecting trust wallet is by setting up a touch ID.

Before you can make use of this, make sure that your phone has a fingerprint sensor.

Without this, this function of using the touch ID will not be functional.

With the use of a touch ID on trust wallet, you can easily login securely.

Also, you can complete your withdrawals too with the use of the touch ID.

The beautiful thing about using the touch ID feature is how simple it makes using trust wallet become.

It makes you free from typing password all the time.

With just the use of your fingers, you get to login and withdraw crypto easily from trust wallet.

3) Do Not Store Recovery Phrase Online Directly

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of crypto users make is by storing their wallet recovery phrase online in a raw manner.

These days, a lot of wrong access to the email account of a lot of people is still going on daily.

When they gain access to your email address, what they look for is important files to exploit.

This includes your recovery phrase too.

If they get hold of it, just say bye bye to your crypto assets in that wallet.

This is why you should not store your recovery phrase online.

It is a very vital way to protect trust wallet.

4) Do Not Tell People Your Trust Wallet Password Combinations

One of the ways of making people know of something is by saying it.

This should not be the case when it comes to your trust wallet password.

This includes your recovery phrase too.

On no account should you give anybody access to your password or recovery phrase.

It can be used to exploit your wallet in the future.

So always make sure you keep your password and recovery phrase as safe as you can from people.

5) Store Your Recovery Phrase Offline

Since it is very dangerous to store your wallet recovery phrase online, offline storage is the way forward.

In the offline method, a lot of people have diverse ways to store their wallet recovery phrase and password.

Some write it in a piece of paper and keep it in a place that is not accessible to others.

Others store it in the bank vault alongside other valuables that they have.

In this, you have to choose a method that is convenient to you.

But make sure you are not just storing your trust wallet password or recovery phrase carelessly.

Benefits Of Protecting Trust Wallet

Keeping your crypto wallet like trust wallet safe does not come unrewarded.

There are great benefits that come along with it.

These benefits include;

1) Your Crypto Funds Remain Safe

Before the inception of trust wallet and its alternatives, the safety of funds on crypto exchange was always on probability.

This is due to the series of crypto exchange exploit that has occurred.

This made a lot of people to lose a lot of crypto funds.

With the inception of better wallets like trust wallet, funds become more safe.

But in recent years, this has not really been the same sweet story for a lot of people.

This is because they failed to protect trust wallet from hackers where their crypto is stored.

This includes careless habits of telling people your wallet password.

Also, some made the mistake of storing their recovery phrase in a raw and direct form online.

When people lay hands on these information, they become in control of your crypto funds.

So make sure you always secure trust wallet with good measures when you use it.


Cryptocurrency is getting bigger every day.

This growth will continuously be seen in decades to come.

To stand a chance of reaping the fruits of buying early, you must make sure that you store your crypto safely.

Trust wallet is an award winner when it comes to keeping crypto safe.

But you also have a task to perform too.

Which is to protect trust wallet where you store your crypto.

How to do that has been discussed in this guide so apply it seriously to avoid losing your crypto assets.

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