locate or find crypto wallet address on binance

How To Lookup Or Find Crypto Wallet Address On Binance Guide

Without knowing how to find crypto wallet address on binance, it will pose a serious challenge.

In a lot of times, I have seen people lose out from some crypto give away because they could not easily locate their crypto address.

In other cases, people have lost a lot of funds to fraudsters due to this inability.

This happens when they give their wallet login details for people to help them lookup their crypto address.

In the process, the thief steals their coins.

This is why it is very important to know how to locate your crypto wallet address in an exchange or cold wallet.

In this guide, you will learn how to easily find it on an exchange like binance.

How To Find Crypto Wallet Address On Binance

In the simplified steps below, you will learn how to show your wallet address easily.

Step 1: Login To Your Binance Account

Before you can be able to do any task with your binance, you have to sign in.

For our case, we want to check binance crypto wallet address.

To start the process, we have to login to binance with our account information.

This will give us access to our account.

Step 2: Click On Wallet

After you have successfully gained access into your binance account, click on wallet.

find binance wallet address

This will take you to where you will find a lot of crypto on binance.

From there, it will be easy for you to see the crypto whose wallet address you find.

Step 3: Click On Spot Wallet

Now that you are in the wallet section of binance, click on spot wallet.

locate crypto wallet address on binance

The spot wallet will show you all the cryptocurrencies that are actively available on binance.

Step 4: Click On Deposit

Where to find crypto wallet address on binance after entering spot wallet is the deposit option.

The deposit option is what is going to allow you to select your crypto.

select crypto wallet address on binance

So to proceed, click on the deposit button.

Step 5: Select The Crypto You Want To Show Address

Now that you have entered the spot wallet, you have to select the crypto.

This can be done in two ways.

The first way is for you to search the crypto.

This is always the fastest way to locate crypto address on binance.

What you do here is that you type in the name of the crypto on the spot wallet search bar.

Just type in the short name of the crypto into the search bar.

Example if you are looking for bitcoin, you type BTC.

find crypto wallet address on binance

After you type in BTC, it will show the bitcoin cryptocurrency.

From there you select the crypto.

The second way is to select by scrolling

This method takes time if the cryptocurrency you are looking for is really far below.

find binance crypto wallet address

This will be harder if the crypto is far below on the list.

There are chances you might even scroll pass the crypto without knowing.

But if the crypto is in the top 10, you can easily identify it and select.

Step 6: Select The Right Network

This is a very important step you must pay attention to.

When you want to find crypto wallet address, you must make sure it is the correct one.

find crypto wallet address on binance

This is directly influenced by the network the sender is using to send you crypto.

If it is an ERC network, make sure that you select the Ethereum (ERC20) network.

If you select a different network type to receive, your crypto will not reflect in your wallet.

In the worst case scenario, you will lose your cryptocurrencies.

If the network address is correct, you will receive your crypto depending on the confirmation time.

If you choose ethereum (ERC20) network, you will see the crypto wallet address directly.

lookup crypto wallet address on binance

If you make use of a different network like binance chain (BEP2), a memo will be added to the wallet address.

So in this case, when you send the crypto address, you have to send the memo address too.

find binance crypto wallet address on binance

This will help the sender to successfully send your crypto.

Where To Find Crypto Wallet Address On Binance

There are so many ways you can check crypto wallet address on binance.

Some of the ways include;

1) Through Binance Mobile App

Binance is a very large crypto exchange.

Even with that, they try all possible means to make sure that their customers are comfortable.

This is seen in the development of the binance mobile app.

With the binance mobile app, you can perform a lot of functions.

Such functions include the ability to lookup crypto wallet address on binance.

With the app, you can easily get your wallet address.

2) Through Binance Website

Another place where you find binance crypto address is with the use of the binance website.

With the use of their site, you  gain access with your wallet login details too.

When you sign in to binance, you can easily access your crypto addresses on binance.

This is done through the spot wallet section when you click on deposit and select the crypto.

This will show the address details of the selected cryptocurrency.

Benefits Of Finding Binance Crypto Wallet Address

1) It Gives You The Ability To Receive Cryptocurrency.

When you want to receive  cryptocurrency from any source, you need to have a crypto address.

Without having a crypto address, it is not possible for you to receive crypto.

But sometimes people may have a crypto address but are unable to locate them.

This is a very bad limitation.

Knowing how to find crypto wallet address on binance makes it easy for you to receive crypto.

2) You Are Free From Hackers

Most of the crypto assets that people lose is as a result of giving people access to their wallets.

When you do that, you might fall into the hands of scammers.

This leads to loss of your crypto funds as they easily transfer them out from your account.

But when you know how to lookup crypto wallet address on binance, you become safe.

This will not allow you to give people access to your account in the name of helping you out in one thing or the other.


One of the things you should really try and limit is how easy it is for people to access your crypto wallet.

But the sad thing is that if you do not know how to perform most of the task, you will always need some helping hands.

Most times, these helping hands turn into your worst experiences.

This happens when they steal your crypto instead of helping you out with what you sought them for.

But when you know how to perform most of these functions, you hardly fall prey to scammers.

That is why you need to really know how to find crypto wallet address on binance.

This has been extensively shown in this guide.

If you have any contribution or question, notify us by using the comment box.

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