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How To Remove Or Delete Yoroi Wallet

The safety of cardano has been elevated with the use of wallets like yoroi.

But sometimes you have to delete yoroi wallet.

This is in a bit to make sure that you further enhance the safety of your cardano crypto.

When you remove yoroi wallet, it gives you the opportunity to perform functions that further keeps your account more secure.

Such include resetting spending password or switching to a new device by restoring your wallet.

How you can successfully delete your wallet without issues is what you will learn in this guide.

Requirements Before You Delete Yoroi Wallet

You should not just go ahead and remove yoroi wallet without performing some checks.

If you fail to perform these checks, chances of successfully restoring your wallet after deleting is slim.

This is why you should take this step very seriously.

The requirements that you have to complete are;

1) Check The Type Of Recovery Key Phrase That You Are Currently Using.

This is very important for you to check to avoid issues in the future.

Such issues may arise when you want to restore your yoroi wallet.

Some people have more than one yoroi wallet.

Some have a recovery key phrase for some account that is 15 word recovery phrase.


Some use the 24 word recovery key phrase.

To avoid mixing up things, make sure that you check the one that is used with the account that you want to delete.

After you have done this, you can go ahead and verify the recovery phrase.

2) Verify Your Yoroi Recovery Key Phrase

After you have successfully taken out the correct recovery phrase that is linked to the wallet, verify it.

This is a very important step to take.

If the recovery phrase that you have is wrong, you will lose all your funds after you delete yoroi wallet.

If the recovery phrase is correct, your will be successful anytime you want to restore your wallet.

So make sure that you take time and complete this step.

If you discover that the recovery phrase that you have is incorrect, make sure that you properly derive the correct one before proceeding.

Until you successfully verify the genuineness of the recovery word, do not delete your wallet.

How To Delete Yoroi Wallet Successfully

The steps to successfully remove yoroi wallet are easy to follow.

To successfully delete your account, follow the steps correctly.

Step 1: Log In To Your Yoroi Wallet Dashboard

Before you can successfully delete your wallet, you have to access your wallet.

To access your wallet, you have to log in first.

After you have successfully accessed your account, you will be taken to your dashboard.

Step 2: Click On Settings

After you have successfully accessed your dashboard, proceed to settings.

From the settings menu, you will be able to locate the option to delete yoroi wallet.

Step 3: Click On Remove Wallet

Now that you have successfully entered your settings section, scroll to the bottom.

After you scroll to the bottom, you will see the remove wallet command.


This function will delete your yoroi wallet when you activate the function.

Step 4: Confirm Wallet Removal

Clicking on the remove wallet will not fully delete your wallet.

You have to finally confirm this action before you can successfully remove yoroi wallet.

Before you finally remove the wallet, you will be shown a caution message.

This is to remind you to make sure that you rightly have your recovery phrase in place.

Remember that the wallet removal is irreversible.

If you do not have the correct recovery phrase, you will lose your wallet.

This directly means that you will lose all your cardano funds in the wallet.

This is because to regain your account back after deleting it, you have to restore your wallet.

If your recovery phrase is wrong, the restore process will fail.

If it is correct, your funds are safe.

To successfully delete yoroi wallet, tick the box and click on remove.


After that, your yoroi wallet will be successfully removed.

Reasons To Remove Yoroi Wallet

People do not just wake up and then go ahead to delete their wallet.

There are some or many reasons that make them to take such an action.

These reasons are;

1) Forgotten Yoroi Spending Password

By far above other reasons, this is the highest reason why people delete their wallet.

Forgetting your spending password is very bad.

This singular mistake will really restrict you from fully using your account.

It will restrict you from being able to withdraw cardano from yoroi wallet.

It will also restrict you from delegating your ADA on yoroi staking pool.

When you encounter this, it becomes very devastating.

One of the ways to correct this is to try out possible passwords you think might be correct.

But then if you are still told incorrect spending password, use the next option.

This next option is to restore you wallet.

But to restore your wallet, you need to remove yoroi wallet first.

Only after that will you be able to restore your wallet and change the spending password.

2) Not Using Your Device

Sometimes we are faced with the need to use a friend’s device to access our accounts.

This could be due to the fact that your device got faulty.

Sometimes it could be that you just forgot the device where your details are domiciled.

To make sure that you have access to your wallet, you then use a friend’s device.

After you are done with using your friend’s device, make sure that you delete your yoroi wallet from your friend’s device.

This will keep the security of your wallet in a good condition.

Benefits OF Deleting Yoroi Wallet

There are a lot of benefits attached to removing your yoroi wallet.

These benefits include;

1) It Helps In Resetting Yoroi Spending Password

When you delete your wallet on yoroi due to forgotten spending password, you can easily reset your spending password.

With this, it becomes easy for you to reset your spending password.

This will in turn bring back your account to full functionality.

With your new spending password, you will now be able to withdraw your cardano.

You will also be able to delegate or stake your ADA on yoroi successfully.

2) It Helps You Restore Yoroi Wallet

When you delete your wallet on yoroi, it becomes easy for you to restore your wallet.

Restoring your wallet will help you gain back the functionality of your wallet.

This gives you the opportunity to perform functions like accessing your cardano address on yoroi wallet.

You also get to send out your ADA from yoroi and also be able to stake your cardano.

3) Your Yoroi Wallet Becomes More Secure

When you delete yoroi wallet, it gives your account an extra layer of protection.

This gives you the peace of mind that your cardano funds are safe.

This is because when you remove your yoroi wallet, you need to restore to be able to access again.

When you are restoring, you will be able to reset the spending password that you use.

Incase someone knew of the former one, this will protect your account from their use.

When this is done, it makes your wallet more safe from evil eyes.


A lot of people always feel so afraid when they forget their spending password on yoroi.

When this happens, most feel that they will lose all the funds in their wallet.

The simple way to recover your funds has been to restore your wallet.

Before you restore, you will need to delete yoroi wallet.

The steps to do that has been comprehensively shown in the course of this guide.

So incase you forget you spending password, do not be afraid.

You just need to remove yoroi wallet and then restore your wallet.

This will help you reset the spending password.

If you have a suggestion or question, notify us by using the comment box.

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