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How To Recover Or Restore Yoroi Wallet For Cardano (ADA)

At some point, the need to restore yoroi wallet  may creep in as you keep using cardano.

In a lot of times, people face situations in which the security of their yoroi account is questioned.

This may be due to situations like using another person’s device to access your yoroi wallet.

But most of the times, it is always due to people forgetting their spending password.

When this happens, you need to restore your wallet.

This will give you a full and secure access to your cardano yoroi wallet again.

In this guide, you will learn how to restore your yoroi wallet and recover your cardano crypto funds.

How To Restore Yoroi Wallet

Step 1: Install Yoroi Wallet

Before you will be able to proceed to any step, you have to install the yoroi wallet.

You can make use of the yoroi chrome extension.

To do this, visit Yoroi website

From the yoroi website, download and install the yoroi wallet.

Step 2: Choose Restore Wallet

After you have installed the yoroi wallet, you will have 3 options to choose from.


The first is connect to hardware wallet.

The second is create wallet.

The third is restore wallet.

Since we want to restore yoroi wallet, we will go for the third option.

Step 3: Choose Cardano

The yoroi light wallet gives room to operate two blockchains.


The first is the cardano blockchain.

The second is the ergo blockchain.

Since we are restoring our cardano wallet, we will select cardano.

Step 4: Select 15 Word Recovery Phrase

From the data of our recovery phrase, we have 15 words.

So we will select the 15 words recovery phrase.

yoroi 15-word-recovery-phrase

If the wallet that you use makes use of 24 words recovery phrase, choose 24 words recovery phrase.

After this, proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Select Shelley Era Wallet

After you have selected the type of recovery phrase that you use, select the type of wallet.


Here, select the shelley era wallet.

Step 6: Name Your Yoroi Cardano Wallet

At this stage, you will give a name to your cardano wallet.


The name should be to your requirement.

Make sure that the name of your wallet is not the same as the password you use.

Step 7: Input Yoroi Recovery Phrase

This is the most important step when you want to restore yoroi wallet.

Any mistake here means a total failure in the wallet restoring process.

Make sure that you input the recovery phrase correctly.


Input the first as number 1.

Input the last as number 15.

Step 8: Input Your Spending Password

At this point, you will be inputting the digits you want to use as your spending password.


This will be used to complete withdrawals from your yoroi wallet.

It will also be required before you can successfully delegate or stake cardano on yoroi.

Make sure that it contains a capital letter, small letter, number and a special symbol like @.

This combination will make it hard and near impossible for someone to know.

After you have inputted the password, input again to confirm the password.

Step 9: Verify Your Restored Yoroi Wallet

Now that you have successfully inputted your recovery phrase and spending password correctly, verify your wallet.

To do this, click on the confirm button.


This will then take you to the dashboard of your restored yoroi wallet.

From here, your account will still have the same quantity of cardano crypto that it had before restoring.

Congratulations as you have successfully restored your wallet.

Reasons To Restore Yoroi Wallet

1) Forgot Yoroi Spending Password

This is by far one of the major reasons that make people want to restore their wallet.

When you forget your spending password, it becomes worse than a night mare.

This is because the whole activity of your account will be restricted.

You will not be able to withdraw your cardano.

You will not also be able to delegate your cardano on yoroi.

This gets you stuck in a very bad and frustrating way.

But there is a solution to this.

One of the ways is to try other passwords you have used.

If that does not still work, your best option is to restore yoroi wallet.

When you restore your wallet, you will regain full control of your wallet.

So if you have fallen a victim of forgetting your spending password on yoroi, do not fear.

You can simply regain the full functionality of your wallet by just restoring it.

This will help reset yoroi spending password.

Resetting the spending password will give you the opportunity to create a new one.

2) You Have Deleted Your Yoroi Wallet

An unauthorized activity or access to your wallet is very bad.

It occurs a lot of times if you link your wallet to a friend’s device.

This can ruin the safety of the cardano stored or delegated in your wallet.

To avoid any loss, you should delete yoroi wallet from any device that is out of your control.

This will help in boosting the security of your wallet.

But the thing is that when you want to access your wallet again, you have one choice to do that.

That has to do with restoring back your wallet.

This is done with the help of the recovery phrase.

It is only the recovery phrase that is linked to your wallet that will work.

Apart from that, the whole process will be unsuccessful.

That is why it is very important to keep your recovery phrase safe.

This will save you from a lot of future stress.

3) Use Of A New Device

reset yoroi wallet

Getting a new device is very important a lot of times.

Sometimes it is to help boost your work rate.

Other times, it might be due to your old device being stolen.

When you change your gadget, it is important to install back your wallets.

 This includes your yoroi wallet.

This will give you access to your funds stored or delegated in your yoroi wallet.

To do this, you will have to restore yoroi wallet to your new device.

This will give you access to your yoroi wallet on your new device.

Benefits Of Restoring Yoroi Wallet

1) You Are Able To Change Your Spending Password

Being shown the wrong spending password caution can be very

scary and frustrating a lot of times.

This fear is worse when it comes to new users of yoroi wallet.

This is because the most people feel that their ADA crypto on yoroi is frozen when this happens.

Forgetting your spending password on yoroi will restrict you from withdrawing your ADA from yoroi.

It will also prevent you from delegating your ADA on yoroi.

With the restore function, you can reset your yoroi wallet.

This will help reset your spending password too and help you recover yoroi wallet.

It will give you the opportunity to create a new spending password.

2) Higher Security Of Your Wallet

When you restore yoroi wallet, it helps you increase the security of your wallet.

This is because you will be able to make some changes that will make your wallet more secured.

Such changes include resetting your spending password.

When this is done, it makes the access of those who had the former one futile.

This helps in boosting the security of your yoroi wallet.

3) You Gain Access To Your Wallet With Different Devices

It is always best to operate your wallets on a single device.

But sometimes, some condition warrant you to have your wallet in your other devices.

To make this happen, you make use of the restore function on yoroi.

Restoring your wallet will make it active on the devices you want to use your yoroi wallet with.

This is easily done by restoring your yoroi wallet with its correct recovery phrase.

This gives you the flexibility of using your wallet across different devices you own.

Is It Safe To Restore Yoroi Wallet

Making use of yoroi wallet restoration is a very safe practice.

recover yoroi wallet

This brings you no harm.

Instead it brings great benefits like resetting your spending password.

It also helps you get access back to your funds.

How Many Times Can I Restore Yoroi Wallet

Restoring your yoroi wallet does not have limit.

You can restore your wallet as many times as you have a need for it.

Irrespective of that, you should try and keep your spending password secure but easy to remember to you.

This will help reduce the number of times you restore your yoroi wallet.

Also, keep your recovery phrase safe from people so that they don’t restore your wallet and have access.

Will I Lose My Cardano If I Restore My Yoroi Wallet

You will not lose your cardano when you restore your wallet.

Due to the fact that yoroi helps you store your ADA in one of the safest ways out there.

Your funds are always intact.

Your recovery phrase is the link between your access to your funds.

The only time you will lose your funds is if you lose your recovery phrase.

Apart from that, your cardano is always safe and intact when you restore your yoroi wallet. 

Will Delegation Stop When I Restore My Yoroi Wallet

Restoring your wallet will in no way affect your delegation on yoroi wallet.

The active delegation that you have on yoroi will still be active.


Yoroi is still one of the best options when it comes to storing cardano safely.

The restore function is used to perform a lot of great tasks on yoroi.

It helps in resetting the spending password to recover yoroi wallet.

Also, it helps in linking your yoroi wallet to a new device or your other devices.

This guide has really explained how to reset yoroi wallet in simplified terms.

If you have any question or suggestion, notify obongcrypto with the comment box.

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